Transparency in Turnaround Time

Background screening provides results from recorded documentation, investigative research, and – in the case of drug screening – physical testing. In every case we are working with sensitive information about consumers. Regulatory guidelines and sound business practice both demand that the rights and privacy of the individual be protected.

In complying with Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations, there are many ways that a search can be delayed that do not mean that an adverse result will be returned. The discussion that follows for some of the more common searches provides information regarding factors that can affect the amount of time that a particular search or screening may take. Understanding this aspect of the background screening process can help you keep your internal and external clients more informed when a candidate they want isn’t quite ready to start. Click on the background screenings below to learn more about why a delay might be happening.

County Criminal Searches

Multi-Jurisdictional (National/State) Searches

Drug Screening

Education and Employment Verifications, and Professional Reference Checks

We understand the imperatives that you face in getting candidates employed, particularly the urgency to complete the background screening process quickly. We are continually seeking ways to streamline our processes to the maximum extent practicable. And we are actively monitoring searches that are in progress – to keep us all compliant with governing regulations, we just may not be able to tell you as much as you would like to know about that status.