Information provided by the candidate is verified by our contacting the employer directly. Verifications typically include the employer’s information, start and end dates, title upon departure, and eligibility for rehire. We will also try to verify compensation if it’s provided – companies have varying policies on compensation verification.


Confirmation of an applicant’s highest level of education is highly recommended for pre-employment screening. A trained researcher will verify dates of attendance, major areas of study, degrees earned and transcript information. Some institutions require a release form be provided prior to providing information for this employee background check, and our background screening system allows you to attach a scanned version of the release directly to your order.

Professional Reference

Our Reference Check Verification is based on a 9 question interview and a free-form comments opportunity. In addition to 9 standard questions, there are 3 custom client questions that the user can enter when placing a background check order. This feature allows us to cover basic employment and performance inquiries, as well as industry or task specific questions from the prospective employer.

One of the primary benefits of using easyBackgrounds to complete professional reference checks is our researchers don’t get pulled into meetings or conferences, so if the individual can’t be reached immediately but returns the call at a later time, an experienced Researcher is always available to take the call.

easyBackgrounds researchers are trained in background check interviews and securing accurate, useful information from past employers and references. Reference verifications are generally complete in 1 to 3 business days, with an average turnaround of 44 hours.

Professional License and Certificate Verification

Confirmation of an applicant’s credentials is paramount where licenses and certifications are required. The appropriate licensing authority is contacted based on the client’s input to verify the applicant’s current standing and ascertain other critical information. This search is used for pre-employment screening as well as updating current employee background check reports. Return times vary by agency.

DOT Employment Verification

Includes verification from a validated Risk/Safety Officer as well as confirmation of drug and alcohol screening history.

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