Personal History and ID Verification

Address and SSN Trace

The SSN Trace is an instant search that will confirm the validity of the SSN provided, include the year and state of issuance, and determine if the number is listed on the Master Death Index. It will also confirm association with the name provided, but it should be noted this is not a definitive verification of assignment to the name provided (see Consent Based SSN Verification below). This search also retrieves the address history associated with the SSN, and uses that information to auto-populate certain searches, such as county, state and federal criminal searches. While the addresses may be viewed on the individual search within your account, they cannot be included on the final report; in accordance with the FCRA (address source data is not verifiable).

Driving History/Motor Vehicle Records

easyBackgrounds provides driving history records for all 50 states and for any level each state allows (license validity, insurance history or commercial history, for example.) Levels of available information, access to that information and fees are extremely variable from state to state, and some require an additional release form and handling, which we provide.

Credit Reports for Employment Purposes

Credit reports for employment purposes differ from credit reports that are used for evaluating credit-worthiness, insurance and other financial purposes. Employment-related credit reports do not include a credit score, date of birth or individual account numbers. The credit reporting bureaus require a site inspection and verification of the business entity making requests, prior to granting access. Users should check their state regulations regarding the use of credit reports in making employment decisions, as several states restrict their use.


Our bankruptcy search covers all states, and the District of Columbia. Information returned may include: case or file number, date filed, type of bankruptcy (i.e. Chapter 11, Chapter 7, etc.), discharge date and name(s) listed as petitioner(s).

E-Verify (Post-Hire)

Easily incorporate post-hire employment eligibility with our integrated E-Verify service. Online Form I-9 coming soon!

Employee and company data can be auto-populated from the pre-employment screening order, making the process as quick and easy as possible.

Consent Based SSN Verification

The Consent Based Social Verification is performed through the Social Security Administration and verifies the assignment of a given SSN to a specific name. A separate authorization form is required, and results are returned the same day the signed authorization is received.

W-2 Income Verification

easyBackgrounds is happy to perform a W-2 income verification for your perspective candidates.

News Media

This service is comprehensive search on published filings, articles, and editorials.

Worker's Compensation (Post-Hire)

We help our clients manage risk with post-hire verification of litigated workers compensation claims and judgments. Searches are provided directly through state jurisdiction and many require specific consent authorizations and additional fees. This is a post-hire search and must be ordered and used in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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