Criminal Records Search Types

County Criminal Records

Criminal records are most often created and processed at the county level, and easyBackgrounds believes that providing an accurate and complete criminal search requires county-level research. Our county level searches are executed by conducting research at the courthouse, unless remote access is granted and that access includes the exact data as a physical search would provide. We strongly discourage the use of aggregated databases as the sole resource for any county criminal search.

Guidelines and requirements vary widely from state to state and county to county on how information can be accessed, by whom, and what, if any, fees are charged. All county criminal searches go back at least 7 years. Our researchers will access the number of years normally available for the specific jurisdiction and may be reported beyond the 7 years.

Some jurisdictions require additional fees or consents for older searches. Additional flat rates may apply for packages that always require searches beyond 7 years. In the event a potential match is found, the results are forwarded to our QA team for review and final verification by your account administrator prior to reporting.

Statewide Criminal Records

Our state criminal records search is either a state repository or real time-all county search, where available. If the official state repository is required, additional forms and fees may apply, depending on the state. No statewide search shall be considered up to date, without our manual verification. We confirm any records found at the source before reporting.

Federal Criminal Records

Each state has at least one district and many states have multiple districts. This is a name-only search, so when a match is found, we conduct additional research to obtain secondary identifiers. The search is then sent to our QA team for review and final verification before being reported.

Sex Offender Registries

This search checks names against National Sex Offender Registry lists and other sources that include data from 50 States and Washington, DC. This is a name search, however every effort will be made to obtain at least two identifiers before reporting records found by our researchers. Photos may be available for further identification.

National Criminal Records Indicator

Sometimes referred to as a Nationwide Criminal Records Search, this is an instant search that pulls from over 300 million records across the country. It is intended for use in conjunction with an address history and county court searches, and its value is in identifying records that may exist outside areas of the candidate/employee’s residential history. All records identified by this resource are re-verified at the source.

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