aRefChex by easyBackgrounds

arefchexReference checks for staffing firms can be a challenge. You’ve probably heard your recruiters question the necessity of the reference check in the hiring process. They see them as time-consuming and low value, and are frequently under-utilized.

But failing to conduct thorough reference checks leaves a lot of untapped potential, not only in gaining greater clarity into your candidates, but also in sourcing prospective clients and candidates.

At easyBackgrounds, we’re tackling the challenges so you can gain the advantages.

The answer is aRefChex: an automated reference check process that integrates with your ATS, increases accuracy, saves time and money, and – most importantly – contributes valuable leads to your sales funnel.

What does an automated reference check mean for you? It means more and faster placements, more qualified leads, thousands of dollars saved, and, simply, less stress.

aRefChex is brought to you by easyBackgrounds, where we aim to make the hiring process easier for everyone involved. Learn more today by clicking here or calling 800.538.6525.