Making a Difference

Giving back. Paying it forward. Doing the right thing. Call it what you want, one of the most enduring aspects of our culture is a keen interest in helping others. And that can take many forms:

Philanthropy. Many national, regional and local organizations rely on the financial support of private businesses. Through the personal experiences of our team members and joining forces with our partners in business, we have selected a number of organizations for receiving monetary donations. Some of those include:

Opportunity. Some individuals, and even organizations, just need a little assistance and a chance to succeed. It might be financial support, loaned equipment, or professional advice. Or perhaps a combination of those items. One of our favorite avenues for pursuing the creation of opportunity is Kiva, where something as simple as a micro-loan can launch a business that will support a family for a lifetime. That’s making a difference!

Participation. Few things are as satisfying as being part of a program or event that changes lives. For years, our team has taken an active role in programs such as End 68 Hours of Hunger, which provides a weekend’s worth of food to students who would otherwise go hungry between school-provided meals and, the Salvation Army’s Christmas Assistance program, where we have the opportunity fulfill the Christmas wishes of children who celebrate this holiday, but would otherwise receive little in the way of gifts. And there are many other events, from clothing drives to races supporting our veterans, where you will find corporate support from easyBackgrounds and individual support from our team members.

Give back. Pay it forward. Do the right thing.