Business Level Background Screening

We understand the chaotic environment you live in, finding the right people for your team, managing compliance, and getting technology to work for you. At easyBackgrounds, we are your ally in embracing and simplifying the chaos of people, compliance, and technology. Test our depth of understanding against your needs today.

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The Difference

Here’s your situation:

  • Your management and recruiting team need qualified candidates on the job – today.
  • Your risk and compliance policies require highly accurate screening – before candidates start.
  • You need a customized solution and unparalleled personal service – every day.
  • You need results and responsiveness – now.

Whether your background screening needs arise daily, weekly, monthly or once a year, you’re in the right place. At easyBackgrounds, we understand the demands and needs of business leaders from periodic hiring of new staff to high-volume onboarding for enterprise level operations. We expect that your unique needs require a customized service, with options and support tailored to fit.

We’re excited for you to experience the difference our unique combination of technology, personalized support, accuracy, and industry-leading turnaround can deliver to your organization. Plus, our 3-Ring Service Guarantee gets you in contact with the right person in seconds.

Why You'll Stay

Once you’ve experienced the easyBackgrounds difference, we’re confident you’ll want to stay. That’s why we don’t require annual contracts, sign up fees or other time-limited terms to keep you on board.

Our hands-on support and state-of-the-art technology work together to ensure your operation runs smoothly, 24/7. Make the process even easier with powerful, multi-platform ATS/HRI integration. Start your trial today!

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