How We Work

Ask. Listen. Act.

Because the needs of an organization are as unique as their candidates, the easyBackgrounds solution might be a single search, custom packages designed for the specific background check requirements of your organization, an applicant tracking system or drug test. The common thread in each situation is a solution that originates with questions, is based on answers and delivered with consistently superior service.

We’re not about price – we’re about value. Whether it’s a criminal record check, employment verification or driving history, your Client Advocate oversees every order. And you’ll receive more than just a report – you get quick turnaround times, fast responses to questions and special requests, no phone trees to drive you batty when you call, and the peace of mind that comes with a hands-on team of individuals that know you and your company. That’s added value.

Our goal is to make background screening easier. Let us learn about your business and listen to your needs. We’ve got some terrific solutions.