Core Values

How We Relate to Our Clients

Unparalleled Service, Through Dedication, Technology and Expertise

From first-inquiry through order placement and support, our team members and technology deliver an unparalleled client experience. In consistently providing prompt, expert service in a friendly manner, each team member will make his or her personal best effort to exceed our clients’ expectations. And with every interaction focused on satisfying our client’s immediate and long-term needs, the collective experience should leave each customer with a desire to personally champion our company.

How We Relate to Our Coworkers

Respect, Courtesy and Open-Mindedness

As professional colleagues, we treat each other with respect and courtesy under all circumstances. With the understanding that clear and complete communication is the responsibility of each team member individually, and is not limited to written or spoken words, our actions and interactions should always deliver the same message of courtesy and respect. We strive to keep our minds open to each other, knowing it is more often a combination of ideas that produces a solution. In treating each other this way, we foster a team approach to serving our clients and delivering an unparalleled level of service.

How We Relate to Our Partners and Vendors

Honesty, Fairness and Professional Equality

We understand that our providers are truly our partners and allies, without whom we could not exist. We are committed to treating them with honesty, fairness, and professional respect. They are our peers, counterparts and equals. In return, we expect a superior level of service and expertise in their profession. They are often our teachers, and we value the opportunities this creates. We thank them for their dedication and appreciate their efforts.

How We Relate to Professional and Personal Resources

Courtesy, Gratitude and Appreciation

Understanding that we are asking for their time, effort and participation, we are appreciative of those personal and professional resources we engage in executing our tasks. In conjunction with their responses, they are due our courtesy and gratitude. It is the responsibility of each team member to deliver this message with each interaction.

How We Relate to Our Industry

Supportive, Committed and Guided by Integrity

By positioning ourselves as a premier provider in our industry, each team member commits to behavior that is honest, compliant and based in professional integrity. As an organization we support the industry governance and comply with its regulations and guidelines. In addition, we strive to commit the resources of our team members in the avenue of their choice, as it relates to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) or similar industry organizations.

How We Relate to The Consumer

Patience and Dedication

It is the consumer, the applicant or employee, which we must hold in the highest regard. We understand their experience with us coincides with career-changing and even life-changing events for them. It is our responsibility, individually and collectively, to afford the consumer all the protection he or she is granted under the law. And it is incumbent upon each of us to dedicate our time, attention and best efforts to the details of their lives, in a supportive and courteous manner.

How We Relate to Ourselves

Individual Commitment to Personal Achievement and Team Success

Commitment to fulfilling our individual roles and responsibilities is the foundation of each Core Value defined above. By consistently satisfying the requirements of his or her position in a cooperative and friendly manner, team members of all levels reinforce an atmosphere of personal and company success. While individual accomplishment is expected and applauded, Team Members recognize it is the coordinated delivery of those accomplishments – the team effort – that ultimately produces the unparalleled level of professional service we promise and deliver.