3-Ring Service GuaranteeSM

  • You call
  • A human answers in 3 rings
  • If that person can’t help you, they transfer you to someone who can

Easy, right?

That’s the easyBackgrounds 3-Ring Service GuaranteeSM.

It seems like common sense that a background screening business providing critical information for your hiring process would be ready, willing and able to answer your call when you have a question or need help, and provide solutions for you that are complete, accurate and timely.

At easyBackgroundsSM that common sense is also common practice.

Call our support line at (800) 538-6525 during our normal business hours and our whole team is reaching for the answer button.

We understand that delivering services quickly and efficiently is what helps reduce the number of times you need to interrupt your day and request support.…and while we love talking with you, we also know you’d rather be doing something else.

If we happen to miss that third ring on our end,
we really want to hear from you!

Just ask to speak with our President about
our 3-Ring Service Guarantee.